Trying Out New Food

095 One food item I have never eaten is dragon fruit, so when challenged to eat something I’ve never had before, I decided to try out this fuchsia fruit. One of my first observations was that it looked like a heart, and has a sweet, faint berry scent. It was also quite squishy, so I went in expecting a105 juicy, sweet fruit. I was pretty surprised when I opened it up and saw that it looked like a giant, white kiwi, as I had been picturing it more as a berry, with the same colour all the way through. In terms of taste, dragon fruit tastes like a mixture between a berry and a grape, however without any of the tartness of either. It is also reminiscent of a ki110wi, due to its texture, however, it is also lacking the sharpness of kiwi. Dragon fruit is definitely not as sweet as it looks though, and it has a very mild taste, however, in the middle of the fruit, it was not as soft a112nd was much sweeter.

In terms of my tastes, I prefer fruits that have an edge, like apples or blueberries, something with a bit of tartness to offset sweetness. Dragon fruit does not fit these requirements, as it had a much more subtle flavour, like a bland grape. If I had it again, I would use it to accent a s091tronger tasting fruit, like kiwi. In fact, in the article I read about how to eat dragon fruit, it suggested putting kiwi and dragon fruit on skewers and grilling them. One major positive about dragon fruit is that it is quite visually attractive, and would be a nice addition to a fruit salad or fruit tray, because of the beauty of the fruit.


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