Graduation 124 - CopyI’m Rebecca Fallowfield, a student at the George Brown Culinary School. Food is one of my main passions that I hope to transform into a career.

After I graduated from university, I was at a crossroads about my future. I loved to cook and bake.  Could I really parlay these activities into a career?  After all, I thought to myself, I have never worked in the food industry and viewed my kitchen adventures as a hobby.  I decided to take the advice “Find something you love doing and the rest will take care of itself” and signed up for Culinary Arts.

For me, food isn’t just doesn’t feed the body, but should be an experienced. Nothing can match having a difficult dish turn out perfectly, or seeing a person’s happiness when presented with a yummy baked good. One of my food mantras is that unprocessed is best, and I strive to make everything from scratch, because food made with love trumps anything found in a box.

At George Brown, I’m hoping to gain insight into the rationale of the culinary arts, and become a food authority. Instead of just following a recipe, I want to understand the intricacies of cooking. I want to understand the whys of spices. I want to understand the chemistry behind baking.  It seems like a great career – after all – people gotta eat!